captain Pigott Of Stradbally, Dublin & Antigua

For 30 years of study existence, I have continued to believe, when I have been generated by other people who went before, that my Irish ancestor was Captain John PIGOTT, of Doubleis Denver, who'd a son named David PIGOTT who was born in Dublin about 1759. Only Emergency Plumber Dublin a year and seven days after Constantia Maria Senior's death, her widower John PIGOTT, Esq, of Dublin, was married secondly, by Rev Mr DUNKIN at St Bridget's Cathedral, Dublin, on 2 May 1740, to Katherine BABINGTON, of St Bridget's Parish, the widow of William BABINGTON of Strabane, County Tyrone, and a girl of Rev John JOHNSTONE of Clondevadock, State Donegal, by Mildred HAMILTON.

I'd not usually doubt the reliability of this type of object; however, it appears that Parliament, valued following a long time in abeyance, was not due to sit again in Dublin before further overdue day of 22 October 1761; and the rep who did then takeup his chair for that Borough of Banagher was just one more Steve PIGOTT, Esq, who also had accommodations in Dame Street, Dublin, and who died 2 5 years later, in December 1763.

The daddy, David PIGOTT Mature, was herself a younger son of Johnson PIGOTT (born about 1640; died in 1702) of Dysart, Queen's County, Ireland, by his partner Elizabeth WELDON (these were committed in Dublin in 1663). Frances Senior extended to improve the children until her demise but whether she stayed at Kilcromin, or returned to Bermuda provided for in her partner's will, is unclear; but possibly the latter.